Welcome to Valerie's Blog

Nearing 20-years of experience, Valerie has run the gamut of training and dedicates Merrill Consultants to one simple task; doing it better than the other guys. This blog distills the experience she's gained into palatable posts on how to better manage training and achieve the work/life balance myth that eludes so many of us. website [...]

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How to use training to effect behavioural change

Over the years I have worked on countless software rollouts that have made major changes to the way people work. Often these changes are driven by directors and managers who are not at the coalface and don’t completely understand what their workforce does. As a result, when they communicate these initiatives to staff, they are [...]

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Training course: Article writing for lawyers

Most lawyers are required to write articles for their firm’s website or external publications. It’s something many do not enjoy. They don't have the non-legal writing skills required to make their articles interesting and relevant. Objectives In this course, lawyers will learn: How to write articles that are targeted at a specific audience How to [...]

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Merrill Consultants helping to keep Workspace customers happy

The flexible office market is getting more competitive by the day, so keeping customers happy once you have them is crucial. Operators are now investing heavily in staff training so that customers’ user experiences are as positive as possible. GKRE spoke to Valerie Merrill of Merrill Consultants to discuss the training programmes she runs for serviced office [...]

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E-learning versus classroom learning

There are pros and cons for each of these learning methods. A pro for e-learning is it can be done at any time anywhere and can be repeated easily. However it can be expensive and may go out-of-date or not even be used depending upon the culture of the organisation. Generation Y will love it, especially [...]

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Virtual Teams

So much has been written about Virtual working or remote working and in particular in my learning and development sector. We have a virtual team for marketing, support and website updates and I see the team face to face 2-4 times a year because one is in the wilds of Essex and the other in [...]

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What do you look for in an exceptional trainer?

“First seek to understand and then be understood” – Habit #5 from the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from Steven Covey.  This is what we do.  A trainer is a complex creature with many skill sets.  Whatever their field, their knowledge is wide ranging and to a great depth, enabling them to pull on varying resources to explain a point to help understanding. A good trainer is welcoming and warm to delegates.  I remember years ago an evaluation asking “is the trainer responsive to your needs’’.  Although I laughed at the time as did a few delegates I fully understand/stood what that company was seeking.  I want to be treated as well as I can be and I seek that for those who work with me. […]

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The Johari Window

As a trainer and training manager involved in Microsoft and Bespoke rollouts of systems I become involved in change management.   We work alongside and contribute as much as I can to help speed up integration of content/ideas. Over the years I have seen tools and heard many theories to make changes more successful.  I do like the The Johari Window concept is particularly helpful to understanding employee/employer relationships within the Psychological Contract. […]

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Working with the Reinvention Diva

I was recently interviewed by The Reinvention Diva Sharon! http://www.thereinventiondiva.com/podcasts/valerie-merrill/ Sharon got me talking about my life, it is so strange to go back 25 years to review what happened and what did I do and why did I!? […]

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Excel Customised


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Bespoke Software

Bespoke software can vary from a slightly tailored standard product, to a completely new business application, written to a client’s specifications. Usually bespoke software sits somewhere between the extremes: many products can be altered to fit the needs of a particular industry or company processes; some are designed specifically with that in mind. […]

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