By the end of the course, delegates will:


  • Have a clear understanding of why content marketing is important
  • Know how to set up a structured content programme
  • Have ideas for five blogs aimed at their target audience
  • Understand how to write clear, compelling copy


The course is divided into the following sections and includes a video, group and individual exercises, and plenty of group discussions.



  1. Why blog or write articles?


This explains what content marketing is and why it matters in today’s Internet-dominated world.


  1. Who are you writing for?


This discusses the importance of identifying your target audience and then making sure your subject matter meets their needs and concerns.


I use an exercise here that gets participants to identify archetypes of clients they would like to reach. This is then discussed as a group. I also use examples of charity adverts to show how the same message can be adapted to attract different audiences. This is done in a group discussion.


  1. Coming up with content ideas and putting them into a structured plan


I use the sales funnel to show that not all content has the same purpose. For example, a general blog may be used for visibility whereas a case study will help a potential client evaluate whether you are a fit for them.


Next, I use magazines to show the various types of content that can be produced and that not every blog or article has to follow the same format. I also look at some online blogs that do this well so that they can see real examples of successful company blogs with varied content. I emphasise at this point the importance of content being topical and having a strong angle.


Finally, in this section I explain the need to put together a proper content plan for months ahead in the way a newspaper or magazine does.  This is necessary to ensure the key messages are put out to the target audiences at the appropriate times in the calendar.



  1. How to make your writing clear, engaging and readable


This covers:


    • The difference between writing for online or hard copy publications
    • Tips for good writing and readability
    • How to write like a journalist
    • How to write compelling headlines


I use a variety of exercises in this section both individual and group.


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