InDesign Training Course – Introduction

Who should attend this Adobe InDesign course?

The Adobe InDesign Introduction course is suitable for those with no previous experience of Adobe InDesign or those who are self taught.

How long is this Adobe InDesign course?

2 Days

What are the benefits of attending this Adobe InDesign course?

You will learn how to produce documentation from design concept right through to output. Practical projects will range from creating single sided literature to longer publications incorporating text and graphic elements to achieve appropriate layouts. The Adobe InDesign course includes topics and theory sessions listed in the course outline which will give you a comprehensive understanding of features and processes involved in producing effective documentation. The cost of the course includes a Visual Quick Start book, 3 months telephone support, certificate, refreshments and lunch.

What are the prerequisites?

No previous knowledge of Adobe InDesign is required, but familiarity with Mac or Windows operating system is recommended.

Introduction to the interface
Overview of the toolbox
Setting preferences
Tiling windows
Magnification and viewsSpecifying page attributes
Document setup
Setting margins and columns
Locking column guides
Adjusting document setup
Using ruler guides
Moving the zero point
Using x and y references
Locking a point in the proxy box
Creating text frames
Resizing, repositioning & rotating text frames
Using the transform palette
Grouping objects
Grouped object displayImporting text
Placing text files
Linking and unlinking text frames

Introduction to typography
Showing hidden characters
Typeface, style and size
Leading and spacing
Formatting paragraphs
Setting rules, drop caps and rotating text

Setting tabs and bullets
Measuring tab positions
Modifying tabs
Setting bulleted paragraphs
Automatic bullets and numbering

Proofing options
Checking spelling
Dynamic spell check
Text AutoCorrect
Using find and changeStyles
Creating paragraph and character styles
Applying the basic paragraph style option
Applying style sheets
Modifying style sheets
Locally formatting a style
Using the quick apply feature for character and paragraph styles
Importing style sheets to a new document
Selectively loading stylesImporting graphics
Resizing graphics
Combining text and graphics
Setting a text wrap
Duplicating objects
Using arrangement options

Master pages
Creating master pages
Applying master pages
Modifying master pages
Inserting page numbering

Working with colour
Using the colour palette
Colour application
Stroke and fill options
Specifying a Pantone colour

Saving InDesign files
Printing files
Exporting as a PDF file

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