Walkgrove have been working with key associates Merrill Consultants for ten years on major bespoke IT training projects. – Sarah Smith, MD Walkgrove Ltd

Bespoke software can vary from a slightly tailored standard product, to a completely new business application, written to a client’s specifications. Usually bespoke software sits somewhere between the extremes: many products can be altered to fit the needs of a particular industry or company processes; some are designed specifically with that in mind.

Ultimately, the client is left with a singularly different application which must be somehow explained to their workforce, quickly and without disrupting their day to day business.

Training is the obvious solution – in a format to fit both the complexities of the product and the rollout budget, but often this process is tacked on at the point of rollout when it deserves greater consideration earlier in the product development process.


  • if you don’t know where to begin
  • have encountered problems
  • know how to run rollout but don’t have the time
  • do not have the trainers you need
  • do not have the writers you need
  • … or simply want to delegate the training task

Bespoke Training Development

Training bespoke is different to training standard applications. It is not possible to draft in trainers who are familiar with the software and who come prepared with notes or guides to hand out to delegates. Bespoke training requires knowledge of the business around which the software is based, it also requires a good understanding of how people learn and how they use guides for post training support. Moreover, it requires an understanding of the development process of a product and the rollout process in general.

So How Do You Go About Training Bespoke?

The learning curve is the key. You need to learn and understand the developing software and convert that information into a possible training format as you learn. Since most bespoke systems are essentially process driven, database and report gathering software, it helps to understand how databases are set up and your processes are documented.

  • You need to examine the number of delegates who will potentially need the training, make judgements on the length of the necessary training and be able to draw up a schedule to dovetail into the rollout process.
  • You need to know the likely pitfalls of newly created software, and prepare checks to ensure training runs smoothly.
  • You need to prepare good documentation and to negotiate support during training.
  • You need to set up locations, facilities, send out training invites and work closely with project managers to ensure information is up to date and accurate.
  • You need contingency, backup plans for everything from re-scheduling to failed links.
  • Potentially, you may need to recruit and train trainers to support the schedule and/or enlist champions from within the business.
  • You may need to keep key managers and/or stakeholders informed of the progress of the training rollout.
  • You need a post training plan, to ensure follow up support and to monitor the success of the training.

…and you need to be able to work on all of the above at the same time.

So must this happen on trainer led classrooms? Not necessarily, online information is always an option, or simple hard copy instructions, however there are sound reasons why classroom training works:

Trainers Can Monitor Information

A devised programme for rollout may not be correct in its assumptions, or cover vital process changes, which arise when a product becomes available in the live environment. Changing information can be fed into a trainer led course and ad hoc adjustments made.

Trainers can measure the response to a product and feed that back to the project team.

How Can We Help?

If you are already running successful bespoke rollout you don’t need our help.


  • if you don’t know where to begin
  • have encountered problems
  • know how to run rollout but don’t have the time
  • do not have the trainers you need
  • do not have the writers you need
  • …or simply want to delegate the training task

We can do nothing BUT help. Everything we understand about bespoke training has derived from years of making rollout happen, smoothly and cost effectively. Click here to contact us.

Bespoke Fees

For bespoke work we deliver a clear proposal detailing costs, dependent upon each project, contact us today.

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